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Quick Shipping Update

Sep 15 2017

Original Sandmen, shirts and cables

Doppler supporters,

Happy Friday!

We just wanted to drop a quick note about shipping. If you ordered an original Sandman, t-shirt, or cable as part of your pledge or as an add-on in backerkit we have been fulfilling these orders the last couple days and should finish the middle of next week. Check your email for tracking numbers!

A quick note on cables, if you ordered just a cable (and not a Doppler) we will ship the cable to you now. If you ordered a cable and a Doppler we will ship the cable with your Doppler. If anyone would like their cable shipped earlier just let us know and we can ship it out ASAP.

We will have an engineering update on the Doppler in a couple weeks. Things are looking great! Thanks for your support and patience!

-PAI Team

Now Shipping! (Limited Availability)


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